#Your Life Matters # – ‘Time 4 Change’

This will be the perfect opportunity for services to showcase and share their services & opportunities that they have for young people & their families in our city.

Confirmed speakers & contributors

Host Nathan Dennis First Class Legacy: https://twitter.com/JustNdennis

Keynote: Raymond Douglas Executive Desistance & Violence Reduction Practitioner: https://twitter.com/Gangology

Zimbo Community Activists & musician: https://twitter.com/Zimbosla

Asaybi Snape LLM Youth Advocate and Consultant: https://twitter.com/AsaybiSnape

Learn more about the amazing work of Redthread in Birmingham: https://twitter.com/Redthreadyouth

We learn and hear from Bringing Hope who have over 15years experience working on this agenda: https://twitter.com/BringingHopeUK

We will lots of activities for young people Dj’s, Artist, Performances

Inspirational Guest speakers; DJ’s; Entertainment; Dance; Drama… hosted by: Antonio Henry Muscle Tone Fitness