Some have argued that becoming a Christian is a betrayal of Black identity. Join us as we consider this question over drinks and snacks.

About this Event

Christianity has been used to justify the conquest, enslavement, oppression and marginalisation of Black people. Churches can be places where racism goes unaddressed. Christian teaching often feels irrelevant to life in inner city London. Yet all over the world, Black Christians find identity, hope, comfort and joy in Jesus Christ. We’re asking, is there a contradiction here? Does it really make sense to be Black and Christian?

Our speaker for the evening is Felix Aremo, who is a training manager at London City Mission, where his focus is mentoring and equipping Christians to help others to explore the Christian faith.

The event is for all people of all backgrounds and faith perspectives and is free for all. Join us as we explore these questions over drinks and snacks at Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre (5 minutes from Waterloo station).

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