Do you have doubts about the existence of God? Do you have unanswered questions about faith in God and Christianity or what it means to be completely saved? Are you dealing or trying to stop an addiction? Do you ever feel there is a next level for your faith work in God. Do you believe that as a young person you were created for more? Do you have struggles or battles that you’re dealing with secretly?

If this is you (and it’s pretty much all of us) or you know anyone who fits into any of these categories, then join us at ‘Unfiltered’ on 31st March, 2018 at 3pm prompt.

We would be having a panel and interactive session with young people who faced the same challenges and have overcome them.

The panellists would be sharing their unfiltered struggles and personal encounters with God, You’ll also get a chance to dig into their lives and ask them deep unfiltered questions.

Unfiltered is all about setting the stage for God to move in our midst, and answering your questions. It’s going to be a ‘God explosion’. In addition to dance and drama ministrations, there will be a time of worship towards the end of the meeting where it’s just going to be you and God alone.

Also, if you have family and friends who you’ve been trying to tell about God, be there and bring them along too.This isn’t an event to be told about. It’s one to be experienced.