THIS is the true grace of GOD. Stand firm in it 1 Peter 5.12b

THIS is our time. Time to stand firm in the grace, the outrageous, never-ending favour of God.

Welcome to year 5 of THIS event! 2016 will be amazing! Andy Elmes, has a zest for life that communicates the Truth in a fabulous way that will encourage you, give you a greater understanding and help you to enjoy life to the full. His style is relaxed and often hilarious, but be prepared to advance in your journey with God. Andy will be joined by Clive Urquhart and Paul Abell so expect anointed, life renewing preaching of the word.

THIS is marked by the powerful encounters people have with God during the worship, it is known as an event where miracles happen and the Summit is known as a place where lives are transformed. Come expecting to receive your miracle, your healing – because many before have done just that! THIS is about experience the power and presence of the Lord. THIS is a time to glorify Jesus together.

THIS year we are meeting in our own building, The Summit. We have experienced the outrageous favour of God which has enabled us to have a positive and powerful effect in our local community. Join us here to capture that vision, experience the anointing and receive it for yourself to take home. The Church is the City on a Hill living out the dynamic life of the Kingdom of God. This is standing firm in the outrageous favour of God.

If you’re travelling to Scarborough, then at this time of year why not make a holiday of it! Scarborough is beautiful at this time of year 🙂

THIS is our time. THIS is knowing the presence of God and experiencing the miraculous. THIS is being trained and equipped for such a time as THIS.


Paul Abell

Paul Abell has been involved with Kingdom Faith for 28 years – and is as still brilliantly excited as ever to see ‘Faith working through love’ (the original Kingdom Faith tagline, Gal 5.6) worked out in practice and in Spirit. He has been blessed to see many healed to serve, revived to bring life and he is enthusiastic to share Jesus effectively in the community.

Clive Urquhart

Clive Urquhart is the senior leader of Kingdom Faith. He is passionate about Jesus and preaching the Gospel to see peoples lives transformed by the life and power of God. He carries a powerful message to mobilise the Church to see society transformed with a mandate and vision to see revival that lasts for a generation!

Andy Elmes

Andy is the Senior Pastor of Family Church, Portsmouth. He desires to see the local Church be effective and relevant and is committed to seeing individuals become all that God has called them to be. Family Church is a growing and vibrant Church with well over 1000 people in attendance each week in multiple congregations across the South of England and in the Philippines.