The New Normal: Understanding the Cultural Shift is part of a 2-day conference with 3 parts:

‘Understanding the Cultural Shift’ (Friday); The World Premiere of ‘Sunlight’ (Friday Evening); ‘Responding to the Cultural Shift’ (Saturday).

You are invited to attend as much as you are able. For tickets to Saturday’s session, The New Normal: Responding to the Cultural Shift, follow this link:

£50 for admission to both days and Friday ‘Sunlight’ performance
£40 for admission to one day and Friday ‘Sunlight’ performance
£10 for admission to ‘Sunlight’ only

For those in genuine need and otherwise not be able to come, please contact Christian Concern on 020 3327 1120.

In the last ten years there has been a revolution in society’s attitude to sex and gender. This conference will explore the origins of this revolution, looking especially at the place of children in art, literature and the law.

We welcome academics, church leaders, opinion formers and all interested in the wellbeing of children to join us as we examine the foundations of what has become the new normal.

The program will include academic panel discussions, paper presentations and the world premiere of an original play written by grammy nominated singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked and Bobby Lopez, ‘Sunlight’.

Josephine Romea, Carlos Flores, Dr Julia Gasper, Paddy J. Manning, James Lopez, Stella Morabito, Dan Moody, Dr Carys Mosely


11:00 Reception

11:30 Opening Remarks (Prof. Bobby Lopez)

12:00 Panel 1: Children in Biblical Art and Literature

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Panel 2: Children in Biblical Law – Presentation and discussion on the biblical definition of gender and sexuality and the role of family and children.

16:30 Closing discussion with Q&A panel

17:00 Adjournment

18:00 Book launch of ‘Jephthah’s Children’ and reception for the world premiere of ‘Sunlight’

19:30 – 21:00 World Premiere of ‘Sunlight’


“You must stay in the sunlight, because the darkness will kill you.”

Deeply wounded from their upbringing in dysfunctional families, two young people seek to make their way in the world. Michelle and Bobby have never met, but their stories are remarkably similar. After experiencing isolation, broken promises, and pressure to conform to other people’s expectations of sexuality and gender, they each attempt to break free from society’s constraints and their own past to find true relational intimacy. Tragically, the backlash only gets worse, and nobody seems to understand. Based on true events, ‘Sunlight’ is an emotive and brutally honest account of life in the modern world.

For those in genuine need and who would otherwise not be able to come, please contact the Christian Concern office. You can call during office hours (09:00-17:30)


We are looking to assist the Anglican Diocese of Machakos, near Nairobi, Kenya, which has created a unique and holistic programme on sex and gender issues. During both days of the conference, we will be taking up a collection of used clothing, shoes, toiletries, bags and suitcases, as well as money. Proceeds will go towards helping at-risk children, families, the church and wider community in Machakos. For more details, contact