So… we have another social lined up for this year. As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a (very?) dull boy. So it’s Play & Connect Social time. Are you ready?

This is the time for single Christians to mingle and connect in a playful and entertaining environment with other singletons. You don’t have to bring a friend, just turn up, take active part and meet and connect with new people.

This event is FREE and open to age group 25-45 years, but you have to register. There will be similar events for other age groups.

The venue is opposite Shoreditch church, so very easy to find it. Meeting place is downstairs bar – you won’t miss us as the bar is not very big, and if you still can’t find us, then just ask the bar staff downstairs.

Registration ends at 19:00 on the 8 June 2018.

Strictly no admission without registration and bring an ID with you in case you are required to show it. We will provide further information to those who have registered.


Our events organiser, BunchOfDates (, has offered you a free membership for 2 years (subject to limited number of people). This will also allow you to attend exclusive BunchOfDates events. Sign up for your free 2 years membership via

For more information contact us on 07931713013.

We look forward to seeing you.