So 2018 is running like a speed of wind! Can’t believe we are in April already.

More events are in the pipeline…

The year has started brightly for some singletons whilst others may still be facing challenges after they received reminders from family and friends that they are still SINGLE! Just keep calm… and have a little faith that things will be better this year. Believe it, and 2018 will be your YEAR!!!

Our events organiser, BunchOfDates (, has offered you a free membership for 2 years if you register before or by 31 May 2018 (subject to limited number of people). This will allow you to attend our exclusive single Christians events. Sign up for your free 2 years membership via

So Summer is just around the corner and we are planning more events for you – picnics, colourful mini seminar or conferences (not referring to Hillsong conference) and other outdoor events (potentially to include the big church day out).

For the ladies, if you missed Hillsong Colour Conference, then don’t miss it in 2019. Very empowering conference that you will learn a lot from for Christian and your personal life.

See you soon.