3 Days and 2 Nights
Full Board Accommodation & Catering
Use of the facilities, i.e. swimming pool & gym

The Miracle Youth ministry is aimed at those between the ages of 16 – 30, with the purpose of supporting and engaging relationships with God, and the mission ‘To Make Heaven Full and Hell Empty’. To aid the fulfilment of our mission we host regular gathering and events to bring youth together, be them children of God or those who are yet to find him, we open our arms to all that are willing to join with us, it is with this purpose that we send this letter to you; Each year we host a youth retreat, where we gather youth together, remove ourselves from the “world”, and immerse ourselves fully in God’s presence. It is a great time to be rejuvenated, renewed, and for some reborn. It has been a great success for us and has aided in the relationship building of our youth, not only with God but one another. We have called this year’s retreat ‘SERIOUS’. We must put the word in capitals because we truly desire for our youth to get SERIOUS about God.

We are living in some truly perilous times; 2 Timothy 3 elaborates and explains the types of characters that will be present in the end times and with Jesus’ second coming due at any time, we need to get serious with God. We want our youth to realise that this world and all its worries will surely pass away but our salvation and where we spend eternity is what truly matters. We want our youth to have such an encounter with Jesus that they will have the courage to live for him and the strength to turn away from sin and all its temptations.

We believe God will show up in such a strong way and bring a deep conviction in the lives of your youth so that we can have a youth and a nation totally sold out for God no matter the cost. It is with great honour to invite your youth to this year’s Youth Retreat; SERIOUS: