Calling ALL women!

When we become Christians we begin a journey. It can be likened to a train journey with our destination being King Jesus.

Just like any train journey there are train stops, Station Business, Station Children, Station Me time, Station Marriage … we ought not stop at these stations where stagnation can occur but rather gather, learn and continue to the King.

The aim of this event is to inspire women to live out their God ordained purpose, to walk in the power and strength given from above, no matter the season you are in.

It is called SAVED and Single because single women can often be made to feel incomplete, or be marginalised as if they are the poor Christians of the family. THIS IS A LIE. We are ALL COMPLETE in CHRIST with God given purpose. Amen.

Non-single women this is an event for you also. In all seaons of life God desires to use us … He just requires us to be willing.

When you come expect to enjoy heart felt and uplighting poetry, testimonies, a short video on life’s twists and turns, periods of networking, a Q&A session where you will get a chance to ask seasoned Christians questions about purpose, and some delightful refreshments.

We look forward to seeing you