When a person experiences a moral fall, what can we do to facilitate their restoration? Many gifted Christians drift away from the Church, and even from the faith, after a profound and often public failure. The number 1 reason is because the Church is not a safe place for them to recover.

In this landmark day, Mark Stibbe uses his and Cherith’s story to help us not only to experience the Father’s restorative love, but also to equip us to restore the fallen, in the way that Jesus does with Simon Peter in John 21, one of the most beautiful chapters in the entire Bible.

Mark Stibbe calls this process “divine kintsugi.” He says, “Kintsugi is the Japanese practice of repairing broken cups and jars with a special adhesive lacquer, coloured by gold dust. In Japan, restored pots with golden joinery are regarded as more valuable than their originals.”

This, Mark argues, is the kind of subversive honour we see in Jesus, the ultimate Kintsugi Artist!

Please note: Mark and Cherith will be selling their new book at this event, Divine Kintsugi. Restoring the Fallen.