In 2020 Steve is visiting Southampton, Sheffield, Birmingham, Salford, Bath and London for a series of one-day events where he will talk about issues raised in his latest best-selling book, ‘The Lost Message of Paul’.

What if (almost) everything you were ever told about Christianity was wrong? What if the good news really is good news? What if everyone is in?

Was Paul the great excluder, or the great includer? How are we saved and why does it matter? What about heaven… and hell? With opportunities for question, discussions and reflection, these days will provide a unique chance to delve into some of the deepest questions of the Christian faith and is aimed at everyone passionate about having a faith and a Church that is relevant for the 21st century. Steve will share insights honed from years of leadership and practice, as well as research and study on the life and message of Paul. We’ll talk about hell, heaven, salvation, faith, and what all of this means for the mission of the church.

“The Lost Message of Paul is not only well written and fascinating; it is also profoundly bold and revolutionary. In fact, its impact could be of historic importance, if enough of us have the courage to read it and put its message into practice.” – Brian McLaren

“Steve has homed in on the Apostle Paul and his underrated and overlooked genius, innovation and revolutionary fervour … this [book] is going to set so many people free.” – Rob Bell

“This fascinating book will challenge you to reconsider familiar theological ‘truths’ and may even revolutionise your Christian journey.” – Dr Pauline Muir

“This event was a great opportunity to reflect on what I believe in a non-threatening, open environment” – participant at London event

Exclusive ticket-holder discounts

The Lost Message of Paul book will be available on the day at an exclusive event price of just £5.

Come as a group – this is a great opportunity to start a conversation in a church or small group. Buy four places and get the fifth free!

Ticket holders will receive a voucher for a massive 25% discount on The Lost Message of Paul video resource for small groups (usual price £40). This will be given out to all attendees during the event.

The venue is fully accessible. We will provide snacks and drinks throughout the day, but please bring your own lunch or be ready to visit local shops / cafes.