What happens when followers of Jesus who have been fostering life giving roots in their neighbourhood begin weaving connective links with one another across places? Encouragement happens… Collaboration happens… Transformation happens. A Movement Begins!

Are you a ministry or community leader that wants to grow the fabric of love and care in the neighbourhood? Join hundreds of practitioners for the 5th annual New Parish Conference.

The airwaves tell the stories of political upheaval and religious decline… But, something incredible is happening on the ground! Join together with hundreds of practitioners across the UK, and around the world, for the 4th annual New Parish Conference…

We know there are thousands of churches, groups, and individuals committed to growing faithful presence inwith, and for their neighbourhood. But, often their work has been seen as insignificant by a church and world that is looking for the big, the fast, and the entertaining.

But, here’s the exciting news! Something quite profound happens when these groups begin connecting together. There is a power in sharing our stories and gaining a glimpse of what God is doing all across our land.

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