Coaching modules are broken up into 3 different overarching themes

  • Who I serve
  • Who I am
  • What belongs to me

These overarching themes will allow you to say, “My Identity Is Secure”, once you are done with this transformational coaching program

  • There are 4 months dedicated to each overarching theme
  • We will spend the first 4 months talking about who God is
  • We will spend the second 4 months talking about who you are
  • We will spend the last 4 months talking about what belongs to you
  • Every session will have personal application to heal and deliver your soul

We will cover the following in the theme of Who God Is:

Why you must have a strong foundation in God in order to live the way God says you should live

  •  Father, Son, Holy Spirit: The necessity of having a relationship with the Godhead
  • God as Savior
  • God as Lord and Master
  • God as Father
  • God as Friend
  • Responsibilities of God
  • Names of God and the significants to the believer
  • God as promise keeper

We will cover the following in the theme of Who You Are:

  •  My life is not an accident
  • Born for purpose
  • My authority as a believer
  • Seated in heavenly places
  • Warrior for King Jesus
  • Daughter of The King
  • Bride of Christ
  • Friend of God
  • Beloved of God

We will cover the following in the theme of What Belongs to Me:

  • 3000 Promises
  • Access to God: My personal relationship with God
  • Walking by faith
  • Conquering kingdoms
  • Administering Justice
  • Gaining promises
  • Recovering what was stolen from you
  • Using the weapons of our warfare