After a successful run in May 2017, and then again in February 2018, Married to Christ: Her Story returns to the stage for only two days in May 2018.



The play follows the life of a woman who is surrounded by news of engagements, firstborn babies and weddings. This is news that she is delighted to receive, but the pressures around this brought on by the expectations of her friends and family members, is something she could simply do without! To make matters more difficult, she is a woman of faith adhering to Biblical principles that inform dating and marriage – principles that her Christian friends are prepared to, and often do compromise in order to make their relationships work. 

She is no saint, and is faced with her contradictory past when the man of her dreams enters her life. He, like her is a Christian, and like her tries to adhere to Biblical principles. However, as their relationship grows, their desires to taste unripen fruit intensifies with this. He hopes to marry her eventually, and sees no problem giving into these desires because of this. She is not as willing, and insists on finding other ways to make their relationship work, even at detriment to her relationship with God.