Living in Light is super excited to bring you it’s very first UK, Sacred Sexuality Conference: LOVEFEST!

Founder of Living in Light and author of Sacred Sexuality: Rewire Your Desire Towards True Intimacy, Bobbi Kumari will be hosting the powerful three day conference, which will explore God’s incredible purposes for sexuality and the repercussions of approaching desire, love and intimacy outside of a biblical framework. Drawing from the Bible, her own experiences and extensive research she carried out when writing her book Sacred Sexuality, from conversations with guests, interactive activities and live Q&A’s, she will address sexual issues facing our generation and offer both practical advice and spiritual application, to deepen our understanding of sexuality, allowing God to bring beautiful freedom, revelation and breakthrough for those who need it.

The conference is for youth, individuals and couples who want to fully enjoy their God given sexuality, as well as parents, leaders and educators who wish to equip others with a healthy, celebratory and liberating understanding of sexuality and intimacy. It is also for anyone who is simply desiring to know more about their God-given sexuality or is wrestling with issues in this area. And finally it’s for anyone who recognises that there is so much sexual brokenness in this world that we as the body of Christ, actually have the glorious solution for – if only we were equipped enough to share the gloriously delicious truth about sexuality, for those that are seeking to know!

(Appropriate for teenagers over the age of 14 although please apply discretion if you feel your teenage child would not be comfortable hearing about sexually graphic content.)

FULL CONFERENCE, DAY and EVENING ONLY Tickets available with Early bird prices!

FREE TICKETS FOR ALL 14-18 Year olds! Under 18’s are FREE but you must register by email and bring proof of age to the conference.