This event is ideal for Christian music groups, Church Choirs, Gospel musicians (full Band) etc to gain international traveling experience and to have the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents through music competitions as they learn from other rich cultures and glorify God.

Refund Policy

Event fee is non refundable especially if an attendee purchase a ticket and decides not to attend the event for any reason. However a full refund will be offered within 60 days if the event was cancelled by BGM Conferences & Exhibitions (BGM Mins Ltd).Terms and Conditions

1. Event participants must arrive on time for all events.

2. Event participants must show their tickets, receipts or invitation documents on arrival to gain entry to conference hall or exhibition centre.

3. Event participants must comply with our health and safety measures to ensure a peaceful and successful events.

4. Event participants may request for free information about nearby hotels, restaurants and means of transportation within London United Kingdom.

5. If there is a need to change event venue or event dates participants will be informed two weeks before the conference date.