A time of refreshing, empowerment and transformation with thousands of women from different churches, ages and backgrounds.


Judges 5:7

Inside you is the unlimited power of God to change and impact your surroundings, your nation, a generation and your world. No matter how small you may look, you are a mighty powerhouse on the earth for a divine reason. That purpose is backed by the power of God for its accomplishment, but it remains in a state of rest until it is awakened.

IGOGW19 is the awakening of the power inside you. It is the manifestation of who you are in this season. The power of God will be released on you afresh for exploits like never before.

Rise as a woman of power, mighty in the hands of God.

The day is packed with worship, great messages and practical and insight session for career and business, hosted by Mimi Ajala and her guests, Dr Juanita Bynum, Kierra Sheard, Chika Russell and many more

Dr Juanita Bynum, is a global phenomenal and an undeniably anointed speaker of God’s word, preaching all over the globe at conferences such as TD Jakes’s Woman Thou at Loose, KICC’s International Gathering Of Champions and other of the world’s leading Christian conferences. I know that she will be a blessing to us also.

The Open Hearts worship session will be led by the Grammy nominated and Stellar awarded gospel singer Kierra Sheard accompanied by U.K. powerhouse Deborah Darling and the Serenity Choir.

We will also be having incredible women who have accomplished great heights in their business and career come in and help us get to the same level – because what God has done in their lives, He is able and willing to do in your business, ministry and career. This session will be led by Chika Russell a business woman here in the U.K. who turned down a £30,000 offer from Dragon’s Den to go on an build a successful £1 million business.

The Conference will have two sessions this year, one in the morning and one in the evening.

We hope to see you there