Enjoy meeting with on fire for Jesus Christians and going deeper, growing together in a safe environment. HSN provides a place to learn how to strengthen your relationship and open your spiritual senses to the voice of God in a time of:

** Praise / Worship / Prayer / Healings / Prophesy / Fellowship / HS Spontaneity **


  • Due to us renting the building we will be taking an offering to help fund HSN. Please be ready to give generously.
  • Notice of Filming
    This event is being photographed and filmed/video-recorded. By your presence at this
    event, you acknowledge that you have been informed that you may be photographed
    and/or recorded as part of this event. Further, by your presence here, you grant your
    irrevocable permission for your likeness, mannerisms and voice to be included in
    theatrical, broadcast television, home video and/or any and all media known or hereafter
    devised, in perpetuity, and the advertising and publicity thereof. Further, by your
    presence in this area, you grant your permission for your likeness and voice to be
    included therein without compensation, credit or other consideration. If you do not wish
    to be photographed, recorded or otherwise appear under these conditions, you should talk to one of our staff who will accommodate you to a different part of the area and you will be given a form to exclude you from the filming.Thank you for your cooperation.