Extreme weather events, decreasing bird and insect populations, oceans filled with plastic.

All the news about the planet these days seems to be bad, but why should Christians care and what can we do about it?

Oct 12th is an evening for inspiration, education and equipping – helping us be good news for our world, both people and planet. Join us for a panel discussion and a chance to ask your questions.

  • Does God really expect Christians to care for the planet? Billie Anderson, Tearfund

  • How can we help our politicians to truly represent us in these issues? Jo Johnson MP for Orpington and Cllr William Huntington-Thresher

  • What practical steps can we take in our own lives? Helen Stephens, A Rocha UK

  • How can we be effective campaigners? Jo Musker-Sherwood, Hope for the Future

We will also joined by local and national organisations taking action on these issues right now, they are ready to talk to you about the issues covered in the night’s discussion. Stick around after the panel has finished to view their exhibition stands!

We will also provide tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits though you are very welcome to bring your own food into the dicussion.

Latecomers WILL be admitted, this is due the early start time of the event.