The Half Day event will include a time of Teaching on 1) Either Identity, destiny and Holiness or Prophecy/Prophetic gifts and 2) A Motivational Exercise called “In Full Bloom” will be undertaken in pairs. It will start with a 20mins time of worship and prayer. There will be prayer and prophetic ministry (as God leads).

The organiser and Host (Life Skills Teacher/Trainer & Prophetic Intercessor) is Deborah Esther Nyamekye. Deborah said “This God inspired exercise I produced is a powerful inspirational prophetic tool to enable a pair to help each other effectively match their gifts, talents and skills with the most appropriate or suitable career, church ministry or volunteer work pathways for them. Indivifduals are awakened to the fullness of their God given capabilities as never before and are encouraged to pursue goals that encourage them to ultilise their capabilities to the maximum.  Each person is encouraged through the exercise to use their gifts of discernment/intuition, wisdom, knowledge and prophecy with the person they are paired with. They will be surprised at how God can use them for others in this type of exercise more then they ever thought possible. They may also discovere God given gifts which have lain dormant or they did no know they had”

FEEDBACK FROM DELEGATES AT A SEMINAR WHERE THE IN FULL BLOOM EXERCISE WAS USED: Please go to or eventbrite page where a transcribed report of delegates giving feedback is available.

Looking forward to seeing you on 8th October. Other dates are 5th November and 3rd December, for which the bookings are also via Eventbrite. This is a great prophetic motivational tool for the body of Christ. The secular world has several of this, and it is about time the church had them too in great number. Spread the word! Invite your friends, church members to attend.

You will be extremely impacted, inspired, motivated and encouraged at the end of this Training & Motivational Workshop. Don’t miss your appointment with God!

Blessings Deborah