Many people have contacted us who are hungry and eager for evangelism, street outreach and practical advice in effective evangelism. We have travelled extensively up and down the nation, we sense that there truly is a need for believers to be equipped in this area.

Evangelism Training Day will include:

  • Over 8 hours of in depth training

  • In depth sessions on soul winning, public proclamation, one on one evangelism and teaching on power evangelism (evangelism that relies on Gods supernatural power and the gifts of the spirit to reach the lost)

  • There will also be outreach, giving you the opportunity to have hands on training and have an experienced personal outreach leader to guide you and assist you on the day

  • Q & A Panel (With Daniel + guests)

  • Impartation – Daniel and Tanya Chand personally laying hands, praying and commissioning each individual

This training school is specifically designed for those who wish to be discipled and trained in soul winning and power evangelism. This will be an intimate setting so we encourage you to book soon as spaces are very limited. More info at