David’s Tent hosts an annual 72-hour non-stop worship festival where thousands come away to worship together with people from all over the world, across different denominations and church expressions. The summer festival is held on Wiston Estate in West Sussex and we also host local worship events throughout the rest of the year.

It all started back in 2012 when we began to ask the question, “what would it look like to worship the Lord non-stop like King David did? What would it look like to see a restored worship culture where God’s presence is given highest priority?” The summer event which grew out of that is now running into its seventh year. The David’s Tent community is seeing incredible growth, with an expectation to see more than five thousand worshippers join us this August

We are experiencing the beginnings of a move of God here in the UK; He is stirring up worshippers who are united in their desire to meet with him and serve the local church. The fruit we’re already seeing is a renewed, uninhibited passion to worship and a vibrant community of deep and life-giving friendships formed in God’s presence. We believe that we are only at the beginning of what the Lord is raising up here in our nation and beyond, and we invite you to join us