Creative Worship 2020 is a day to inspire your connection with God through creative and expressive styles of worship.
About this Event

We are delighted to bring Creative Worship 2020 to worshipers young and old across Merseyside and beyond. This event will inspire, refresh and disciple all who follow the Christian faith and want to explore their God-given creativity in worship to our God.

This special event will use homegrown talent to deliver a range of inspiring and expressive styles of worship; sharing their Holy Spirit influenced experiences and encouraging participants to explore their connection to God through creativity.

We believe that creativity is an innate part of our humanity and that God placed it within us as a channel to commune with himself. After all….if God created us in his image….and he is a creator….We are creators too!

About Creative Conference 2020

  • A conference event for communities interested in the Christian faith, worship & creativity
  • Presented by Wirral Worship Collective; Investing in worship and worship ministries
  • Everyone is welcome; want to encourage families, youth groups, worship teams, creative people and our local community to attend
  • Includes music, visual art, creative writing, dance, shared experience and craft stalls
  • It is being held on Saturday 7th March 2020 from 10am – 5pm at the Floral Pavilion Theatre, Marine Promenade, Wallasey, Merseyside, CH45 2JS

Please see below for Youth Group bookings and stall holder information.

Programme details to follow soon!