If you’re working in journalism, communications, content production or PR and you’re interested in religion and ethics, you’re invited to our party! We’re celebrating 40 years of the Church Media Network.

The day will begin with keynote address from leading New Testament scholar and former Bishop of Durham Professor Tom Wright, talking about faith and the public square, and will end with our 40th birthday party.

In between, we’ll hold sessions exploring:

  • the dark art of commissioning – pitching documentaries and features
  • changing perceptions of Christianity
  • does digital lead or follow? – the ever-developing relationship between old and new media
  • everything is local – breaking stories locally first, community-led social change, and other examples of best practice in local and community media

Speakers include:

  • Professor NT Wright
  • Elizabeth Oldfield, Theos
  • Rev Steve Chalke, Oasis
  • Rachel Jordan-Wolf, Church of England
  • Charmaine Noble-Mclean, Premier Christian Radio
  • Katie Harrison
There’ll be retrospectives, plenty of food and lots of time to chat.
Bring with you (if you like): an item you think represents a significant moment in the last 40 years. It can be something that reflects your personal experience or your professional observations about how the relationship between church and media has developed in the last four decades.

Early booking is now open with discounted ticket prices until 14th August.