Following on from our huge success of connecting Christians across London together over the last 4 years, join us as we launch a new City Meetup where professional Christians gather during lunchtime.

Why? Because the body of Christ is not meant to be separated, because we are at work.

We are simply better & stronger when we are together. It’s true, our work is our worship. So we look to encourage each other with:

1. Principles which shape our life & work.
2. Purpose of our lives & existence.
3. Productivity how are we manifesting purpose.
4. Progress how we are growing in purpose.
5. Profits are the benefits that are accruing for God & ourselves as part of our labour.

If you are interested in having a meetup start near your area of work, email us at;


“We are not just another network, but citizens, siblings, family and change agents of God’s Kingdom.”

Our connect events bring Christian professionals together to promote and enable fulfilment of Purpose, improve their Lifestyles and Christ centred Relationships. Since our initiation in 2015, we have created thousands of unique connections, friendships, business ventures and also marriages through a whole raft of value adding opportunities, benefits and services which includes mentoring, coaching, support and community to help develop each individual.

In Kingdom Connections, everybody matters! As long as you are committed to improvement, excellence and fulfilment in Christ, you have a place with the fastest growing community of Christian professionals across the world.

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