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Welcome to the Christian Millionaire Book Club. This is more than a book club.

We are a Group of Christian entrepreneurs and our aim is to create millionaires with a purpose by circulating the wealth, knowledge and ideas.

If your aim is to become a millionaire with purpose, why not participate in our MILLIONAIRE BOOK CLUB using one of the most popular books on leadership: “From Good to Great” by Darren Hardy.

During this session expect to:

– Network with like-minded people who want to become Millionaires so that they can be a blessing to the world

– Learn valuable, practical principles and tips that will take you a step closer to becoming a Millionaire.

– Find out what it takes to become a Millionaire in a Supportive and Open Minded atmosphere where you can bounce off your own ideas and share your experiences

– Receive an update from the two inspiring individuals who have embarked on their 90-day challenge on becoming a millionaire

– Receive motivation and be inspired to become financially free

– Receive financial tips you can implement straight away

– Be guided through and access millionaire journey and acceleration resources

– Become part of a millionaire mastermind Team!

Guest Speaker : Olayinka Cole – Financial Protection Advisor

Below are some of the questions that my clients ask me:

“I am really worried about having no sick pay because I would not be able to pay my rent/mortgage and I would lose my home”

“There is a history of a heart attack in my family and I’m worried if I die early my children would not be able to go to university”

“My friend just suffered from cancer and it turned their life upstairs, I am really worried about the effect that would have on my family”

“I love playing football, but I am worried if I get injured, I will not be able to work and hence pay my bills”My name is Olayinka Cole, I am Financial Protection Advisor and I help people to attain the Power of Financial Freedom.

My advice business is focused on helping individuals and families secure the right level of financial protection cover by creating a safety net for them in case they face any of life’s’ unexpected circumstances. Basically, giving people the confidence in knowing that they are protected financially and having that peace of mind if they were to make a claim when necessary and that it will be paid, is one of the best benefits of my services to my clients.

The freedom and opportunity of meeting and helping different people from a variety of backgrounds inspired me to provide and advise on different insurance policies. It gives me great joy and satisfaction to be able to show my clients how not to have to worry about their financial future…. So how are you financially protecting yourself?

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Linda: 07565 996015

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Millionaire Club Membership

The Christian Millionaire Bookclub is a membership organisation. Events are free for our members who pay by monthly installment via go cardless. If you would like to become a member to take advantage of the discount, please visit our website and sign up to the Millionaire Club Membership or contact us for any further information: