(Note: open to anyone from anywhere!)
“Kickstart” training is an amazing and very effective way to see God at work in your life and others-in just 3 days! Your faith as a disciple will be activated! Just like a motorbike gets kick-started, most folk need help to share the Gospel and pray for people with boldness, whether on the street or in a café, at home or at work. Your faith and skill will be increased so you can be confident in how to:
• Connect with people on the street or in your life!
• Preach the Whole Gospel (Good News) without fear!
• Pray for healing for the sick Be involved in baptisms and deliverance!
• Living and loving in simple community (church)!
• Get involved in a Scottish and global movement making disciples!
Watch https://thelastreformationmovie.com/ to see what this is about!
This is a packed 3 day course combining 7 teaching sessions (principles: True discipleship, Luke 10 instructions to go, Full Gospel, Call to be fruitful, SImple church, Deliverance; practical: How to meet people and pray for healing, How to present the Gospel), and hands-on discipleship (being kick-started in going to public places to pray for healing and share the Gospel). Reserve your seat now! Tentative Schedule:
• Friday: 9:30am-9pm
• Saturday: 9:30am-9pm
• Sunday: 9:30am-1pm
Dave & Angela Foster (The Last Reformation Scotland, Aberdeen)
Rudi and Liezel Boshoff (The Last Reformation Scotland, Aberdeen)
Chris & Kristie Martin (The Last Reformation missionary staff)