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Puppet & Creative Ministry Festival

It’s our biggest annual event! Two days packed with:

– Inspiring workshops suitable for all levels of experience
– Spectacular main stage performances to excite and encourage
– Leaders who love fellowship and investing in other’s ministries
– A huge range of creative resources on display
and so much more!

If you have a passion for sharing the Gospel, this festival is for you… Watch our highlights video here

As we travel throughout the UK and attend some of the main Christian conferences, we have the opportunity of meeting and introducing puppetry and creative arts to people who might not have thought that they had a particular gifting in this area. Many attend our training days each year, where during a full day of intensive and hands-on training they leave inspired, encouraged and equipped to develop a puppetry ministry in their own church. But where do you go next?

Our Puppet and Creative Ministry Festival is for everyone, adults and children, who want to learn how to share the Gospel of Christ using their creative skills. With over 80 exciting workshops, three hours of spectacular main stage performances, six competitions, an enormous range of creative arts resources on display and so much more, it’s going to be an incredible two days… and all of this is available from just £39 per person for the full Festival!

Click on the ‘Workshops’ link below to see our range of brilliant leader’s presenting workshops at this year’s Festival!

Be equipped to kick start or develop your ministries through an extensive range of hands-on workshops including a wide variety of basic and advanced puppetry techniques along with many more covering:

Gospel illusions, drama, comedy, amazing science object lessons, storytelling, ventriloquism, script writing, working with children and adults with learning difficulties and SEN, leadership skills, toddler groups, schools work, outreach, worship, all-age services, props, staging, sound, lighting and more!

All for both the absolute beginner and plenty of classes for those who are more experienced and keen to develop their skills further.

Return home inspired and equipped with skills and resources to use in your services, Messy Church, Open the Book sessions, outreach and work in the schools and community!


The team are busy bringing together the 2019 Workshop Schedule which we will be released closer to the event with the full range of brilliant workshops that will be available. Last year we had 83 workshops, covering not only new puppetry techniques but also, as requested on feedback from previous events, a wide range of children, youth and family ministry training, technical workshops and new illusion classes as well. To see the Workshop Schedule from our 2018 event >> click here <<  So if you are one of the many regular delegates at the Festival there will be plenty of brand new workshops for you to develop your skills further. If it is your first time joining the Festival, don’t worry we will have a great range of basic and introductory workshops to help you get started.

➔ Basic & Advanced Puppetry
➔ Expressive Actions of the Silent Puppet

➔ Beyond Believable Movement
➔ Introduction to Choreography
➔ Transforming a Song
➔ Arm Rod Workout
➔ Keep them Awake and Breathing
➔ Human-Arm Masterclass
➔ Basic Blacklight & Toobie Choreography
➔ Creating a Show and Making It Flow
➔ Solo Puppetry
➔ Ventriloquism for Beginners
➔ Creating a Unique Voice
➔ Let’s Build a Show
➔ Script Writing
➔ Ideas & Inspiration for Every Season
➔ What’s Going on Back There?
➔ Learning from the Pros
➔ Creating an ‘Epic Band’

➔ Improv Illusions – Five Tricks with Everyday Items
➔ Top Ten Tricks
➔ Drama Games
➔ Voice & Presentation Skills
➔ Writing Workshop
➔ Opening Up the World of Drama
➔ Basic Storytelling
➔ Turning Stories into Songs
➔ The Artist In You
➔ Using Drama in Community Outreach
➔ Never Made Anything Out of a Balloon?
➔ Using Balloons to Tell Stories
➔ Advanced Ballooning
➔ Using Science to Illustrate the Gospel
➔ Science for Every Season
➔ Whizz, Bang, Pop!
➔ Comedy Writing
➔ The Magicians Arsenal
➔ Four Tricks Using a Pack of Cards

➔ Creative Prayer
➔ FaithFull Generation
➔ Worship & Spiritual Development for Children with Complex Disabilities
➔ Releasing the Potential of All-Age Services
➔ Digital Resources for a Digital Age
➔ 101 Ways to Serve Your Local Primary School
➔ Making a Sensory Story Sack
➔ Using Lego Bricks to Explore the Bible
➔ Practical Prayer Ideas for Including Everyone
➔ Partnerships, Special Events and Dreaming Big!
➔ Sensory Faith – How God Connects with us through our Whole Bodies
➔ What Do Schools Really Want from their Local Church?
➔ Running an Awesome Kids Club
➔ Ideas for an Awesome Kids Club
➔ Under 5’s Sunday Groups
➔ Under 5’s Midweek Groups
➔ Using Puppets with Under 5’s

The main showcase on Friday evening will see the 2019 Puppet Academy Team performing a number of brand new songs using a wide variety of puppets, techniques and creative arts, pushing the boundaries once again! We hope that this will inspire you to try out new performance ideas in your own teams. Alongside the Puppet Academy team on the Friday night and also in a second different showcase on the Saturday will be our outstanding UK and International guests bringing you a total of three hours worth of performances! Check out the full two day programme.

The Festival will also feature six competitions including: Song, Skit, Open, Ventriloquism/Solo Puppetry, the Lip Sync Challenge and a Creative Arts Competition. For full details on the competitions, guidelines and judging forms visit our competition page. Don’t forget to book your place early as these competitions fill up quickly.

Not forgetting live worship at the start of each day with Shane Rootes as well as the opportunity to network with others, share ideas, find other teams that are local to you and encourage one another.

At the Puppet Festival, there will also be our largest range of resources available for you to see, try and take back home with you, with many items on special offer. This will include all of our brand new product launches as well!

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Christian Resources Exhibition 2019

CRE returns to Sandown Park this autumn for a three-day exhibition on 15-17 October 2019. We already have a full line-up of exhibitors, and details of the seminar programme will be available in September.

Click the link below to pre-register for CRE National 2019 for as little as £3:

Pre-register for CRE National 2019

CRE National 2019 will offer fresh ideas, products and suppliers to ordained clergy, lay leaders and anyone who cares about the future of their local church.

If you’re new to CRE, see the videos above and below for the highlights of CRE 2018, and sample the CRE experience. Find everything you need for your church – all in one place.

Opening times

Tuesday 15 October 2019 – 10am-5pm
Wednesday 16 October 2019 – 10am-5pm
Thursday 17 October 2019 – 10am-4.30pm

Getting there

Just 15 miles from central London, Sandown Park is easily accessible by rail (25 minutes from London Waterloo to Esher) and road (M25 and A3). Parking is free for exhibitors and visitors.

A courtesy bus will be available between Esher railway station and Sandown Park racecourse, during the opening times.

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Introduction to Christian Counselling

Who is the course for?
The level 2 introductory course will help those who are involved in various aspects of church life to increase their understanding of how people function and improve their interpersonal skills. It is accredited by the OCN and Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC). It will be helpful for those who wish to explore the whole area of counselling, particularly from a Christian worldview model based on the work of Larry Crabb and Selwyn Hughes.

What will be covered?
Within the course there is a balance of theory and skills which should give people sufficient grounding to start out in pastoral or counselling ministry or as preparation to progress to the Certificate in Counselling (OCN Level 3) and ACC registration.
There is also a number of reading and written assignments that will require at least 25 additional hours. Some of these assignments will not need to be submitted until after the end of the course.

By the end of the course, we hope that participants will be able to:

  1. Define a Christian model of counselling.
  2. Use the skills of active listening, empathy, questioning and summary.
  3. Discuss the importance of both confidentiality and the particular qualities of an effective counsellor
  4. Outline the major counselling theories
  5. Explore their own reactions to the course material and develop general self-awareness.

When is the course running?
The course runs on a Friday evening and all day Saturday over four months. The dates for the Autumn 2019 course are as follows:

Weekend 1
Friday 18th October – 6:30pm to 9:45pm
Saturday 19th October – 9am to 6pm

Weekend 2
Friday 8th November – 6:30pm to 9:45pm
Saturday 9th November – 9am to 6pm

Weekend 3
Friday 6th December – 6:30pm to 9:45pm
Saturday 7th December – 9:30am to 4:30pm

Weekend 4
Friday 17th January – 6:30pm to 9:45pm
Saturday 18th January 9:30am to 4:30pm

The course trainers are Roy Whyte, Norma Parrack and Pete White.

Roy is a registered and accredited member of the BACP and holds a BA(Hons), PGCE, Diploma in Counselling and Diploma in Supervision. Roy works as an administrator, counsellor, supervisor and trainer at CCTS.

Norma is a registered Psychotherapist (BABCP) with a Postgraduate Diploma in Traumatology. Norma was the founder of CCTS and was widely involved with the designing of courses and the development of other counselling services.

Pete is the Course Director and Service Manager at CCTS. Pete is a member of the ACC and has recently completed his Level 3 Christian Counselling Model & Practice. His background is in Engineering, Charity Management and Church Leadership.

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White Jesus: Is becoming a Christian a betrayal of Black identity?

Some have argued that becoming a Christian is a betrayal of Black identity. Join us as we consider this question over drinks and snacks.

About this Event

Christianity has been used to justify the conquest, enslavement, oppression and marginalisation of Black people. Churches can be places where racism goes unaddressed. Christian teaching often feels irrelevant to life in inner city London. Yet all over the world, Black Christians find identity, hope, comfort and joy in Jesus Christ. We’re asking, is there a contradiction here? Does it really make sense to be Black and Christian?

Our speaker for the evening is Felix Aremo, who is a training manager at London City Mission, where his focus is mentoring and equipping Christians to help others to explore the Christian faith.

The event is for all people of all backgrounds and faith perspectives and is free for all. Join us as we explore these questions over drinks and snacks at Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre (5 minutes from Waterloo station).

Salt Live is a series of events which aim to explore questions of faith, life and philosophy. Find out more at www.salt.london.

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UK is anti Christian. Agree or disagree?

We are preparing for the next Big Convo meetup October 26th, 2019. A lot seems to be happening in our nation in recent times, and some Christians feel they are increasingly being marginalized, ignored and even persecuted:

  • Schools are indoctrinating children with ideologies irrespective of parental concerns
  • Christians have lost their jobs for expressing and thinking biblical beliefs
  • Big businesses are censoring Christian views whilst celebrating opposing views and more…

Through dialogue and sharing we hope to grasp an understanding of what’s going on and if there are any, practical steps towards challenging cultural Marxism.

Our central question will be “UK is anti-Christian. Agree or disagree?”. I’d love to personally invite you to attend and contribute to this topic.


Lynda Rose
CEO of Voice for Justice UK

Caroline Farrow
Journalist, writer and media commentator

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London Prophetic Conference

SADHU SUNDAR SELVARAJ is a forerunner who has been privileged to be called to prepare the way for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. At age 16 he experienced a dramatic and supernatural encounter with the Living Christ. He has been preaching the Gospel and bringing the healing power of God to his generation since 1979 in over 50 nations. His television network, Angel TV, currently reaches out to approximately half the globe. Brother Sadhu has had numerous encounters with the Lord and has been specifically commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ “to prepare the Bride” for His second coming. His life and ministry will provoke, encourage and teach you how to walk intimately with Christ.

PASTOR ANDY TIPLADY is a prophetic end time minister of the Lord Jesus, carrying a message of preparation and a call to holiness. Born and bred in Africa, Andy was a competitive rugby player with no Christian upbringing. He came to Christ in his late twenties and his life changed overnight. He ministered in prisons, preaching the gospel and loved the word of God, but was only exposed to the supernatural tangible presence of God in 2003, when he and his wife Heidi had a lifechanging encounter on the Isle of Skye. Changed from the inside out, Andy is now passionate to see a body of believers grow in the character and likeness of Jesus, moving with the seven Spirits of God, where unprecedented signs and wonders follow. He motivates, inspires and challenges believers to go all out for God, and to prepare spiritually and practically for a mighty move of God amidst the increasing darkness of this world. Andy and Heidi pastor a church in Sheffield England, where Andy also teaches outdoor bushcraft and survival techniques to all ages.

NATHANIEL BASSEY is an international worship leader, a colossal gospel singer, trumpeter, music minister and producer. He believes that music is primarily a fundamental tool in the praise and worship of God and an avenue by which God relates with His people. Nathaniel’s distinctly prophetic sound on the trumpet resonates far and wide, stirring a revival and passion to holiness, godliness and heartfelt worship in the body of Christ. He expresses his deep love for God through his music and trumpet playing and features in concerts, crusades, church events and other kingdom gatherings and continues to lead many into the presence of the LORD. He is also well known for his #HallelujahChallenge which not only attracted the attention of the local media but has also gone viral internationally.

Also collaborating with Jesus Ministries are: Peculiar People Ministries and The Revelation of Hope

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ACC Conferences

Join Premier Lifeline for the Association of Christian Counsellor’s Children & Young People Conferences in London and Leeds.

“Tackling the Crisis in Mental Health for Children and Young People” is an opportunity to hear from leaders in the field of counselling and the pastoral care of children and young people.

Considering how can we counsel and care well for the next generation?

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Noah’s Ark Sanctuary Community Festival

Come and join us for a time of educational learning in a fun and friendly environment. It’s time to look after your body, mind and soul.


What to expect….

– Free blood pressure check

-Free health advice

– A professional to talk with

-Free food

– Face painting

– A bouncy castle

– Engage with local church memebers

And MUCH more! We hope to see you there God willing.

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Prayer, Prophecy, Praise, Poetry & Pizza

We are super excited to invite you to our night of Prayer, Prophecy, Praise, & Poetry with some Pizza on the side (The 5 P’s). This will be a Spirit led affair, a day of great anointing, and a time to feel free in the presence of the Lord. This is a family event open to all, which will also include the serving of free refreshments (which will be served between 9pm-10pm). We hope to see you there God willing.

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Women With a Purpose Women’s Conference 2019

Women’s Conference 2019

Host : Pastor Sola Dawkins

Women With a Purpose

Theme : Victory